About Us

Community Foundations have been in Canada for the past 87 years and have amassed 4.6 billion dollars in dedicated assets and last year distributed over $189 million to worthy charities. The Community Foundation of Halton North (CFHN) is one of 200, operating independently in every province. Local volunteers serve as the Board of Directors and are dedicated to enriching the local community by managing the instruments of charitable gifts and donations.

The Community Foundation of Halton North is quite unique in that it helps create or customize charitable plans that meet the donor’s desires. Funds are invested as directed by the donor, then managed by Foundation professionals.

CFHN is also unique in several other respects. You may donate to any one charity, to a variety of registered charities, or as a donor you can simply choose an area of interest to support. Further your donation is invested and never spent! Instead it keeps earning dividends or interest year after year, it keeps growing larger and larger, and all returns on investment returned to the local community in accordance with your, the donor’s wishes. See Charles Harvey’ story.

Only the Community Foundation of Halton North can help establish a legacy for you that will benefit your community, perhaps even neighbours, friends, children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren for years, decades or even centuries to come. For a private consultation, contact the Foundation or phone 905-864- 9211. Meetings can be arranged at your convenience with a staff or Board Member.

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