Community Foundation of Halton North

The Community Foundation of Halton North, as a new Foundation, will strive to meet the standard of excellence set by the Community Foundations of Canada. As a Community Foundation:

  1. We build community vitality
    Strong, vital communities are those in which everyone can participate. They are resourceful and resilient. Community foundations nurture and build our community’s strengths and assets. We respond to challenges and opportunities and support organizations and individuals to do likewise. We develop local leadership, invest in sustainability, champion justice, and mobilize civic participation and resources.
  2. We understand our communities
    Sweeping changes to the economy, the environment and demographics are just some of the trends affecting our country and our communities. We actively participate in the life of the community, continually engage in consultation and discussion, track and report on local and national trends and respond to change.
  3. We create opportunities for dialogue and inclusion
    Nurturing a vital community means reaching out and ensuring that people with different experiences and points of view are included, especially those who are often excluded. We bring people together to create opportunities for respectful dialogue and joint problem solving. We enthusiastically participate when invited to dialogues convened by others.
  4. We embrace partnerships
    More can be accomplished when we act together. We believe in the power of collaboration and joint action to maximize our community’s opportunities and respond to our challenges. We initiate, participate in, and support partnerships that build community vitality and are based on shared vision and mutual responsibility.
  5. We tackle pressing issues
    We believe philanthropy has a role to play in addressing some of the most pressing issues of our time. We tackle tough problems on many fronts through our grant making, investments, research, convening, communication and participation in the public policy process. We work with other foundations, organizations, business and governments in our region and across the country on problems that require shared action.
  6. We embrace diversity and foster renewal
    We believe there is strength in diversity and that we have a responsibility to reflect its diversity. We will continually renew our boards and staff, reach out to understand different points of view, and engage the broader community in our deliberations and decision making.
  7. We grant for breadth and impact
    Grant dollars are community capital for seizing opportunities, finding solutions, sustaining what works, providing needed services, expressing ourselves and taking calculated risks. We grant broadly across the spectrum of community life, supporting organizations and programs that are making a difference.
  8. We build community assets and champion philanthropy
    Permanent endowments and other philanthropic funds are vital community resources now and for the future. We are passionate champions of philanthropy and engage donors of all ages and from all walks of life and traditions. Our donors work with us to find the best ways to serve their communities while meeting their charitable goals.
  9. We learn and share what we know
    We have extraordinary opportunities to learn from the groups we fund, our donors, our partners and our colleagues around the country and the world. We gather data, question, reflect, and evaluate so that we can have impact on the important issues in our community. We share what we learn with others.
  10. We are responsive and accountable
    We are reputable stewards of community resources and are committed to being accountable, responsive and transparent. We continually look for the best ways to invest our assets to meet our mission. We are open and accessible, fair and objective, flexible and timely as we work with grant seekers, donors, volunteers and others in the community.