Community Foundation of Halton North


Community Foundation of Halton North and the Emergency Community Support Fund.

The Community Foundation of Halton North is pleased to announce the first of its grant recipients for the Emergency Community Support Fund. This week, we are announcing support for the Milton District Hospital, Community Living North Halton and the Georgetown Hospital

Milton District Hospital

Covid-19 has had a significant impact on the lives of children and families. Children are affected by the health and economic concerns faced by their loved ones as well as the fears it raises. Moreover, children have been significantly impacted by the control measures, including the school closures, the loss of social and recreational opportunities, family separation or confinement, and disrupted routines. This is especially true for children and their families who are already impacted by a mental health issues.   The project funded aims to increase access to mental health services by launching skills development groups for parents of children with mental health issues, which can be offered in-person or virtually. For more information about the Milton District Hospital, please visit: Milton District Hospital Foundation

Georgetown Hospital

Georgetown Hospital is at the centre of testing in Halton Hills and quickly established a Covid-19 testing centre to ensure that residents of Halton Hills had local access for Covid-19 tests. To minimize the number of individuals with Covid-19 symptoms from entering the hospital, a separate building outside of the main hospital was chosen. This building needed improvements to make it accessible to all individuals. For more information about the Georgetown Hospital, please visit: Georgetown Hospital Foundation

Community Living North Halton

CLNH will serve the need of the 630+ individuals with developmental disabilities to reduce social isolation and increase community contact by providing a highly secure technological environment to promote virtual meetings, presentations, activities, and knowledge sharing. The fund will also support the technological training and protocol needs of the 150 front line workers. For more information about Community Living North Halton, please visit: Community Living North Halton