Community Foundation of Halton North



Welcome to the first blog post of many. We are excited to bring this new initiative to the Community Foundation of Halton North to bring a connection between the people of Halton and the social sector. With this blog, we hope to build a platform for motivating, deepening and expanding on the concept of philanthropy and what it means to us.

I’ll introduce myself, I worked as an Outreach Coordinator for the Community Foundation of Halton North as a summer position last year. After finishing my bachelors degree this past year, I am back again to discuss what I’ve learned over the past couple summers in regards to philanthropy and share it all with you. Working with the CFHN has brought me a new perspective on what it means to give. From days at the office, interacting with Board Members and organizations from all around Halton, I have become an active participant in my community. This to me, has been a priceless experience and opportunity – I can’t wait to share my perspective on all things to do with community, the act of giving, and philanthropy.

The role that the CFHN has within the community of Halton is just that – priceless. Each year the CFHN is able to step up with the new social issues that arise and provide funding to areas of the community that need it. To date, the CFHN has provided approximately $650,000 in grants to various organizations within our community. Each year that number will keep growing, the impact is endless.

With each blog post will come features on the organizations the CFHN has granted funds and what impact those grants have had within the organization. This year, the CFHN has put emphasis on gifts towards food banks because of the coronavirus pandemic that arose. Six charities, in Acton, Georgetown say ‘thank you’ to the Community Foundation of Halton North after receiving a grant of $1,500 each.

“We have seen a 31% increase in people accessing our food bank over the past few months. This grant will help us to continue to provide a good variety of healthy food options for the people who need assistance,” said Donna Baker, Chair, Georgetown BreadBasket.

The coronavirus pandemic has had a huge impact on the issue of food security. The grants from CFHN will help relieve that burden for all community members from infants to seniors.

“…we would like to thank the Community Foundation of Halton North for their generous donation. These funds will go a long way in our continued effort to support Milton seniors during Covid-19 and beyond.” said Sherri Parkinson, Executive Director, Milton Meals on Wheels.

Additional grants were provided to Acton Food Share, Salvation Army KHI Community Foodbank Milton, MCRC-Infant Food Bank and Links2Care in Halton Hills targeted to their Meals on Wheels program.

We are so excited to create this new platform and connect with our community on another level. Until next time!