Community Foundation of Halton North

CFHN is pleased to share stories about our donors. Like many, this individual found themselves in a position where they wanted to give back to the community – your community, the community where they lived and worked for many years.

This donor could have made a donation that would have had a single impact for north Halton.  They could have purchased a piece of equipment or helped with the bricks and mortar of a building project, but they saw the value in a gift that keeps on giving.  They saw the value in the Community Foundation of Halton North.

The relationship began a few years ago. It takes time for most donors who are not already familiar with community foundations to learn about this unique way to make eternity gifts.  The concept of giving a gift and not seeing the full impact of that gift right away was something that this person needed to get used to.

This donor chose make a significant donation, through CFHN, which is now endowed and earning revenue.  It is from the revenue of their gift that they will be able to give back, through the Community Foundation of North Halton, forever.   This donor has chosen to direct their gift each and every year to a charity of their choice.  This is called a donor advised gift which allows the donor flexibility and active engagement in granting even though it is given through the Foundation.  Many donors chose this option as it allows them to stay involved. This donor has chosen to remain anonymous, an option available through CFHN.  Some donors’ choose to name their fund so that their annual giving can be recognized.

There are many ways that individuals can make a gift to CFHN, this donor chose to make a gift through a trade of marketable securities.  Publically traded stocks, which given directly to the Community Foundation provide tremendous savings on capital gains and a huge tax advantage for any donor.

We thank our anonymous donors and all our donors to date.  You are truly making a difference.

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