Community Foundation of Halton North

The Community Foundation of Halton North (CFHN) is donor-focused meaning, we respect the funding priorities of each and every fund holder and distribute grants according to your wishes. This would happen annually, forever.  How does this work?  Through the Power of Endowment.

One Fundholder’s Story

Charles Harvey’s parents taught him about the importance of giving back and, in 1991, Charles continued that tradition. He established the Charles F. J. Harvey Family Fund at his local community foundation.

His initial gift was $15,000. But over the years Mr. Harvey’s fund grew, through new contributions and prudent stewardship of the capital, to over a quarter of a million dollars. Every year his fund provides $14,000 in grants to youth-at-risk, or isolated seniors or programs that allow the physically challenged to work, live and play to their full potential.

If Mr. Harvey had given his $15,000 gift to his favourite charity in 1991 it would have had a single impact in the community.  However, Mr. Harvey’s gift has had a lasting impact.  His initial gift has been given away more than 18 times already and continues to support his favourite charities, for ever.

At The Community Foundation of Halton North there are several options for donors.

You might want to support a charity, or several charities, that are near and dear to your heart.  A Fund Holder Agreement is created and would stipulate that each and every year, a grant would be awarded to the charities named in your Agreement.

You may wish to remain active in choosing your charities each year.  This can also be accomplished through a fund at the Community Foundation of Halton North.  In this case, every year, you would meet with the Foundation to discuss what charity or charities you would like to support. If you are unsure, CFHN’s knowledge of gaps in the community, and where support can be used the most, is vital information that we can share with you. The Foundation can provide advice and options, but again, it is your decision.

You may not have a particular charity in mind, but want to support an area of interest that is important to you (for example palliative care, the environment, sports, or arts and culture). Again, that area of interest would be stipulated in your agreement and every year charities within that field of interest would be contacted.  CFHN’s Grants Committee would review proposals for funding and the Board of Directors would select recipients for that year. This would happen every year, for generations.

Another option you may choose is an unrestricted gift meaning that each and every year the Foundation, knowing where there are gaps in the community, would choose the recipient of that year’s grant.

Whether you make a one-time gift to establish an endowment fund or choose to build a fund with donations over time, donors can rest assured that their philanthropic gifts will continue to support their charitable interests – for good, for ever.

These are a few options available for giving through CFHN. I encourage you to contact CFHN for further information about ways to support your legacy vision. or 905-864-9211.